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We Company of have International scale to open opportunity for you to join with we become distributor of Product of Tianshi in your area.

There no special conditions to become distributor of your Whoever is Housewife, Officer, Wiraswsta, Student, Student, etc. can become distributor of our Product gotly is production 15% to each every product sale, bonus And Rewards.

Way of registration very easy, only come to place of registration which is there are in your state,- You have become distributor Tianshi, with the expense You'D get guide-book of business Tianshi, VCD Profile of company of Tianshi and ID Card Distributor.

We are there no Cover Point and or the Sales Target so that the effort this do not burden and very easy to be done by whoever.

This effort is you Can utilize as profession remain to and or at the same time, have a lot of successful evidence by Tianshi.

Information And evidence as complete as our you pass in to trace information of below. Thank. Admin.

Nutrisi Tianshi also give therapy of divisible health become 4 ( four shares), the following :

  1. First Phase : Sweeping : that is phase where body cleared of by a fat / existing poison in blood and digestion channel. For that, Tianshi launch product of tea of antilipemic and double cellusose function to dissolve fat and poison.
  2. Second Phase : Compensating : that is process to balance body from insuffiency of mineral and required by body. Because this imbalance can cause attacked by easy body of disease. This is conducted by nutrisi is balance that is Calcium I powder until Calcium IV, Zinc Supplement, and Iron Supplement ( Replaced by Spirulina is Capsules). With ox marrow substance, made by ekstrasi calcium bringing back body stamina and improve;repair body function for want of Calcium.
  3. Third Phase : Activation : representing process to activate organ in important body like kidney, pancreas, liver, intestine, lung, and the heart. This matter is conducted by nutrisi is active of Cordysep Mycelium and Chitosan, what is normal of kidney function, liver, and digestion.
  4. Fourth Phase : Reinforcement : that is phase after organ of active body hence the body have to have strong vitality and endurance and can hold out to disease that is by nutrisi is prevention of Vitality Softgel and Beneficial adding body impenetrability.

Fourthly is step of mentioned in medication China, in fact this body is made to function normal and have endurance by self. And to suffered disease, body expected to arrest detain by self. Become excellence of use of nutrisi from this Tianshi besides for healing of disease of body also have high vitality and endurance. There is one addition nutrisi, that is nutrisi of active gene. This Nutrisi function special to launch vein which is stuffed up and arrest;detain gene which below par. This developed to arrest;detain effect of modern food generating a lot of new disease.

To facilitate You of In Information Seeking, Hence We Make Link of By Click of Rose Colored Article To Get Information of As According To Name of Link of Each.



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